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Christmas tea infusion – sample size

Herbal Tea

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Christmas Tea Infusion comes in handy sample size, perfect as a stocking filler or part of a hamper style gift.

Highly aromatic this organic herbal infusion is our take on a scent of Christmas. Made with 100% organic ingredients, uplighting Christmas scent, and spicy-citrusy flavour, it is an eyebrow-raiser and a conversation starter.

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At Fragrant Rituals we believe only best ingredients make the best tea. That is why we have chosen top quality Ceylon tea, organic crushed rosehip and organic rose petals for this indulgent tea.

All parts of rose family plants have been used in this beautiful blend: flowers, berries and stunning rose fragrance emitting from flowers.

Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea is generally stronger in flavor than green or white tea. Our variety is milder as it is a bigger cut loose tea.

Rosehip granules

Rosehips have big medicinal value including: anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, antiviral, antiseptic, antispasmodic and antibacterial. They’re also astringent, antioxidant, and a blood, kidney, urinary tract, and recovery tonic.  Rosehips are believed to help fighting free radicals, strengthen immunity, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, aid digestion, to treat urinary and kidney disorders.

Rose petals

The many benefits of rose flowers in tea are a result of the high concentrations of vitamin C, polyphenols, vitamin A, various minerals, myrcene, quercetin, and other antioxidants.

The naturally uplifting quality of tea makes this an excellent choice for those who are feeling down, depressed, or overly stressed. While there is not enough clinical research to support the claim, those who believe in the benefits of alternative medicine suggest rose tea may have a beneficial effect on those experiencing depression.

Ingredients: Ceylon tea, rose petals*, rosehip granules*, Rose Otto.

* 100% organic

Comes in 2 sizes:

Small – net weight 20 g

Regular – net weight 45 g

Use within 12 months.

Handblended from home grown, wild harvested or sourced from organic farms in Adelaide, South Australia

Use 1 tea spoon for a small teapot or a big cup. Add freshly boiled water, stir and steep for 5 minutes. Add milk, honey or sugar or enjoy as it is.

Remember Rose Deluxe tea contains caffeine.  Save it for a stimulating morning or lunch time drink if you know caffeine affects your sleep.

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