Perfume Oil

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Aroma: Woody Floral

Mood:  You are evolving. You have substance in you. You can change the world.

Precious and unique, powerful and restoring, multi- dimensional perfume will be playing a symphony on your skin. From citrusy to woody, from incense to spices, from flowers to amber you will enjoy every part of this journey.


Agarwood is complemented by royal flowers, Indian Sandalwood and signature amber accord.

Truly unsex fragrance enjoyed equally by men and women.

If you have never experienced oud perfume before, this one is a perfect start to the amazing world of something often called Liquid Gold. This is a true King of all scents! Fragrant Rituals OUD is a wearable scent with no barn notes but rather deep and smooth profile.

It could be layered with more feminine Aphrodisiac perfume from our collection.

Agarwood (Aqulllaria Agalocha) (Vietnam), Sandalwood (India), Rose Absolute (France), amber accord, citrus accord, Cedarwood (USA)

Size: 10ml


Fragrant Rituals perfumes are plant based. They are handcrafted from highest quality botanical oils, extracts, precious woods and resins.  They are vegan friendly.

Handmade in small batches in Adelaide, South Australia

Try using it just before business negotiations, job interview or any other important to you event. Or simply use as your daily natural perfume.

How to apply: Just dab on your pulse points and reapply during the day as required.

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