Triple Mint Tea

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This tea is for mint lovers. This aroma is garden fresh and is so close to the real plants scent, you would feel you have been transported to the garden patch.


Aroma Profile: Bright, penetrating, fresh minty odour with sweet balsamic undertone.

Locally grown and harvested in South Australia, this is the best mint tea you have ever tried.


This tea is for mint lovers. Mints have been traditionally used to assist with digestion. It is said to relieve flatulence, hiccups and nausea. It is also used in fold medicine as a lactation enhancer and sedative.

Ingredients: Organic Chocolate Mint, Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint, hint of Lemon Verbena

Net weight

Small – 15 g

Regular – 25 g

Use within 12 months.

Handblended from home grown, wild harvested or sourced from organic farms in Adelaide, South Australia

Use 1 tea spoon for a small teapot or a big cup. Add freshly boiled water, stir and steep for 5 minutes. Your tea is ready to be enjoyed!

Remember Lemon Detox contains no caffeine. You can enjoy it any time of the day or before going to bed.

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1 review for Triple Mint Tea

  1. Victoria

    The smell is just amazeballs! If you like mint, it’s the tea. It’s very calming, soothing tea. Great to drink it while wrapped up in a blanket and wantching a movie during early cold winter nights.

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